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A card game for ad lib fans.

Players take turns playing cards to complete a sentence. The first player to run out of cards wins.  To make the game challenging there are various special cards like draws and reverses.


  •  Separate helper words (White backed Cards)
  • Deal 7 cards to each player
  • Turn phases
    1.  State the SentTense
      • At the beginning of your turn you must read the SentTense out loud as it was played.
      • If you fail to read the SentTenseas it was played, draw 3 and your turn ends.
      • If the SentTense was read incorrectly, what was read now becomes the current SentTense
    2.  Decide on completeness
      • Decide if the SentTense is a complete sentence. If it is a complete sentense you must either
        • State the sentTense is complete and scrap the SentTense and start a new SentTense
          • When scrapping a sentTense, Helper cards are returned to the helper pile and the rest of the cards are sent to the discard pile.
        • or you can extend the current SentTense such as with a conjunction word
    3. Play 
      • Play one card from your hand per round
        • you may place up to 2 helper cards before you play your main word
        • you cannot place helper words after you play your main word
  •  When you have one card left State “Last Word”
    • Failure to do so results in having to draw 3 cards
  • First person to run out of cards wins