Gliding Bird

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Fly fast through the forest. Guide a beautiful and graceful bird on its journey, avoiding trees as you glide from side to side. You can touch the screen, or tap the screen and the the bird will cease flapping and soar towards the side of the screen where you direct it.

Game Design:
~ Appealing graphics: detailed and randomized flora and a bird modeled after the majestic Blue-Gold Macaw
~ Clean controls: tap on the side of the screen you want to glide towards, use one finger or two.
~ Challenging: even with simple controls the game is challenging with both high scores and star awards to collect
~ Calming Sound: chosen to add a peaceful feeling to such a challenging game.
~ Simple and fun: however it has the ability to make a gamer seeking the high score frustrated and angry.
~ Realistic Hit Boxes: The hit box is modeled after a Macaw named Cody
The tips of his wings can easily hit objects without him being injured, The bird in the game is based on where Cody’s bones end.

Google Play Game Services:
~ When Signed in your score will be stored with Google and synchronized between your devices.
~ When Signed in your score will be submitted to a leader board where you can not only see how you compare to players around the world but to your friends on Google Plus


  • Avoid Obstacles
  • Survive as long as possible