Zachary Fischer (Mental)

Wrath Jobs

  • Founder
  • Operations Manager
  • Lead Programmer
  • Chief Game Designer


Mental brings a wide background in technology to the table. Formally trained in information management with projects completed in 19 programming languages he has the ability to pickup new things and run with them. In addition to his education and programming experience he comes with over 6 years of IT work in microcomputer / network support and system engineering. Several years of which was spent dealing with the setup and maintenance of high availability IP surveillance systems and virtualized scalable servers. He has worked on and setup a server environment with about a terahertz of processing power and 10 Tb of Ram. Mental knows what it takes to build and maintain servers for a Massively Multiplayer Online environment.

Mental describes himself as an X-gamer he plays all sorts of genres but his heart is in RPG. He claims that he once spent 7 days straight playing an MMO and that gaming once consumed his life. He says that as he aged he couldn’t see spending the time, literally days on end playing games when there were bills to pay. Mental believes that creating them for others may fill the hole left in him when he stopped gaming.

Favorite / Influential Games

  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Borderlands Series
  • Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
  • GTA Series
  • World of Warcraft (Vanilla, Pre-TBC)
  • Star Sonata