Sophiya Zakrghevska

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  • Artist


Sophiya began her journey as an artist during childhood. She studied in school as well as visiting an art studio. While studying she gained all the basic skills necessary for an artist to create their own works.

She furthered her education in the Faculty of Architecture, where Sophiya examined world art and architecture at a finer level. In addition to studying the design of houses and shopping centers she enjoyed visits to the art studio and creating oil paintings.

In the arts one does not need to choose how to create from scratch, you simply look to life for suggestions on the feature you implement. So after institute her life is closely intertwined with the development of games. Games offer a great opportunity for artist to show their creativity. She discovered that game art fascinated her.

Favorite / Influential Games

  • Machinarium
  • Rayman origins
  • Rayman Legends

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