Nick Denizard (Lithiad)

Wrath Jobs

  • Sound Designer
  • Music Designer


Lithiad is a sound/music designer. He will hold a Bachelor’s Degree in contemporary music concentrating in music composition. To date he has composed: roughly 20 micro works for piano, small ensembles, small choirs; around 10 small works ranging from 2-5m for various small ensembles; 1 semi-full orchestral piece and his first video game composition (Gliding Bird). He has also created various soundscapes and ambiance tracks.

Lithiad’s diverse musical background stems from a love of video games. He actually began to study music because of video games (Final Fantasy). Lithiad specializes in level themed music (forests, mountains, etc) but can compose in most styles. He plays almost any kind of game but has an affinity for RPGs and Exploratory Platformers. Having been a gamer and a passive receiver of the creativity of games all of his life, he wishes to take more of an active role in the gaming industry.

DAWS Experienced with

  • Pro Tools
  • Logic
  • Finale
  • Sibelius


Favorite / Influential Games

  • Final Fantasy/Chrono Series
  • Diablo Series
  • Minecraft
  • Donkey Kong Country Series
  • Fallout Series