Wrath was founded in December 2013 when Zachary Fischer (Mental) got a group of gamers together and they decided to step out of the player’s seats and begin creating. The team began work on a large scale gaming project and worked hard on it for several months however without a source of income many of the members began to fade out. The remaining members realized that the team would not be able to accomplish a project of the scale they were facing alone and without funding.

In early February 2014 the remaining team members began work on their flagship casual game “Gliding Bird” a good deal of sleep less nights later Gliding bird was released to the Android Play Market. The game was designed to be a simple casual game with some addictive qualities and yet it was difficult to master. “Gliding Bird” was a morale booster for the team, it proved that even with a limited number of members they could still be game developers.

In 2015 due to a lack of funding and available talent Wrath was taken in a different direction. The game design group began working on table top games of various genres. The flagship card-game had been pulled from production temporarily until a dedicated artist could be found. In its place a word game was designed that was designed to make ad libs into a group game. It was decided that SentTense would be distributed through DriveThruCards.com in an attempt to tap an existing card game market at a low production cost.

Wrath has a project list that is several dozen items in length, many of which are full length video game titles; that will require funding and additional team members to complete. However the small team will continue working hard to complete the simpler games in the list.